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Automotive Technology Center
Ball Fields
Bath House
Center For Learning
Central Plant Service Yard
College Police
Counseling and Career Services
Enrollment Center
Exercise Science and Nutrition
Faculty Offices O1
Faculty Offices O2
Faculty Offices O3
Faculty Offices O4
Faculty Offices O5
Fine Arts Complex
Fire Station
Fitness and Wellness
Fitness Center
GCC North Agua Sal 101-102
GCC North Agua Sal 103-105
GCC North Agua Sal 106-107
GCC North Agua Sal 108-111
GCC North Agua Sal 112-115
GCC North Agua Sal 116-119 Office 118
GCC North Agua Sal Campus Safety / IKON/ Faculty
GCC North Agua Sal Office/Storage/Restrooms
GCC North Beshbito
GCC North Chinle
GCC North Dinnebito
GCC North El Capitan
Grounds Building
High Tech Annex
High Tech Center 1
High Tech Center 2
Humanities Classroom
Instruction 1
Instruction 2
Instruction 3
Instruction 4
Instruction 5
John F Prince Library and Media Center
Language Arts
Life Science
Life Science Annex
Music 1
Music 2
O7- Honors
Open Storage
Performing Arts Center
Physical Sciences
Portable Buildings
Public Safety Sciences
Soleri Amphitheater
Student Union
Technology 1
Testing and Student Success Services
Veterans Service Center